Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dawn 2 Dusk 24hr Marathon Attempt

This is the event I have really been looking forward to and training all year for. 24 hours of hard enduro riding at the excellent Walters Arena in Wales is my type of thing. This was the event to get my 1st podium result.

7 hours in and the lap count was bang on schedule, I had no aches or pains, and was happy - except my vision was failing. The rain came in and the goggles came off and once again my eyesight was taking a battering. I carried on wanting the 26 night laps but in the end had to get to the medical tent to get my eyes cleaned out. I was missing every marker and hazard and the lap times were dropping - I was struggling!

It took many hours to get my vision back so I could ride again. Got back out in the day and finished 5th in class.

Great riding, awesome event, fantastic friends, but gutted! Next year i'll be back for more!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Carlisle Centennial Raly

2 punctures on day 1 wasn't the best start to a rally. Why I decided to run tubes i'll never know! The 1st puncture scared me, and on the 2nd puncture I lost control and ended up going over the bars when the bike finally came to a halt in a bog!

Andy kindly lent me a mousse and Owl Racing sorted me out with their garage and tools. Cheers guys!

On the 2nd day it rained and I had real trouble with my eyesight. Goggles had to be removed and then my vision slowly deteriorated as the laps went on. By the last lap everything was so blurry I was just glad to finish.

As always we met awesome people, the rally was well organised, it was a great event, and I learnt a lot.