Monday, 19 August 2013

Carlisle Centennial Raly

2 punctures on day 1 wasn't the best start to a rally. Why I decided to run tubes i'll never know! The 1st puncture scared me, and on the 2nd puncture I lost control and ended up going over the bars when the bike finally came to a halt in a bog!

Andy kindly lent me a mousse and Owl Racing sorted me out with their garage and tools. Cheers guys!

On the 2nd day it rained and I had real trouble with my eyesight. Goggles had to be removed and then my vision slowly deteriorated as the laps went on. By the last lap everything was so blurry I was just glad to finish.

As always we met awesome people, the rally was well organised, it was a great event, and I learnt a lot.

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