Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Berg Ready For FIM Sardegna Rally

After some long days and nights in the garage the Husaberg is ready for its journey to Sardinia. Team Rally-Raid Products will be taking my bike, box, and kit to the start line of the FIM Sardegna Rally. I will fly out in 10 days time to take part in my last rally for this half of the year.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hellas Rally 2014

I was never going to do well in this event, but used it as a lesson in fatigue and how to overcome it. Coming from the Libya Rally (via a few days spent with my son) I was ready for a tough time. Back to back rallying, doing my own bike maintenance, sleeping rough in the Bivouac, and riding a fully loaded rally bike pushed me to the limits of my physical abilities.

By the end of day 2 I was struggling and wishing for a smaller bike. The going was tough, technical, and contained long days in the saddle. Liaisons were sometimes long and sometimes off road. While not an enjoyable week I sure learnt a lot about myself.

The 1st pain was in my hands. I was unable to hold the bike, use the controls properly, and that muscular pain slowly started to travel through my body. When fatigue set in I basically rode like a novice, made silly navigational errors and kept crashing.

I really had to will myself on and dig deep to complete every day. I ended up 64th overall and was just happy to complete all the days and collect my finishers medal. The Dakar is 7 months away and the registration process starts next week. More immediately I have the Sardegna Rally to get ready for in just 3 weeks time! Busy busy then