Friday, 13 June 2014

A Bit Gutted

Now back in the UK and feeling pretty low. Although I've been in training for two and a half year, the last 6 months was a program aimed at taking part in an FIM world championship rally and getting a good result. Being the final race in a series of four, and riding the perfect bike I could really push.

The Hellas before was perfect training with similar navigation (just ICO and road book), tough terrain, more days riding, and on a heavier bike. With three weeks to get ready I was really looking forward to the Sardegna Rally. Another finish was needed to help raise money for the local hospice via sponsorship. Getting a DNF is going to make life a little harder.

Well done to Bruno, Xavier, Alex, and Steph on completing the event. Commiserations to Clayton who went out on day 4 with a problem with his hand, and to Robert who at the age of 60 showed us what true determination, stamina, and sheer bloody mindlessness is all about. He sadly had a mechanical problem 50k into the liaison on the last day.

Straight back into the training this morning with a 10k run. Hopefully I can fix a bike and get out over the weekend. I have some energy to expel! Thanks for everyone's kind worlds and help over the last 6 months. It's much appreciated.

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