Saturday, 28 June 2014

Welsh 2 Day Enduro

Love this famous 2 day event in Wales. Tough but so much fun. Great atmosphere, always meet new friends, and the riding is awesome.

Did the event on my Husaberg 450 which was still in rally trim with the extra fuel tank, and navigation gear. Not the ideal bike for the event but it did the job and I thouroghly enjoyed it. The bike certainly gained some attention with the spectators, marshals, and other riders.

1st day was dry and only lost a couple of minutes helping out a team mate with a sprocket/chain issue. The rain came in that night and totally changed the riding for the next day. Everything was slippery and greasy with mud a plenty. Lost count of the offs in the mud but great fun. Lost a lot of time though in the morning changing/checking the oil filters. Not something you'd usually do in this event, but a mechanical problem in the previous rally meant the bike needed some mechanical sympathy this time round.

Definitely be back next year. Big thanks to the organisers, marshals, and spectators. Just a great event.

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