Monday, 12 January 2015

Dakar Rally Continued

Day 5 continued 

Selçuk arrived back 1st but was out. The crash and night spent in the dunes had taken its toll on him. He was done. Herculean effort though. Koray got back after dark and Clayton is spending the night at CP3. His 3rd night sleeping away from the bivouac.

Day 6

Rest day and my last day at the Dakar. Clayton arrived around 2.00pm and said he had a great sleep away from the generators and noise of the  bivouac. Out of the 9 team riders that started, just 5 remain.

Day 7

I flew home as we only had 1 space available on the service vehicles and I was finding it hard to get sleep due to the bruising on my body. It was a long journey back to the UK and I felt extremely low. Found it hard not to get emotional - it was over and I have no idea how I can come back and finish what I started. The Dakar has a hold of me.

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