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The 9x0RR Project

The 9x0RR project is in its simplest terms a modified KTM 950 Adventure using the best parts available from the best companies in the business. If the parts needed didn't exist we custom made.

9x0RR Version 1.0 - 2017
After competing in over 20 international rallies and suffering 3 DNF's due to mechanical failure you learn the importance of being on that start line with the best parts, preparation and support available.

Without the skills of these companies involved the 9x0RR project just couldn't happen. Huge thanks.

Version 1.0 was a good starting point and after 4 rallies we know what works, what doesn't, and where to make improvements. The main change in version 2.0 was the relocation of the oil tank. Having the oil tank in the rear resulted in long flow/return lines and an oil cooler that added weight and restricted oil flow. The oil tank was moved to the front of the bike and tested with great success in the Sahari Rally.

Work beginning on Version 2.0 of the 9x0RR
If you think your company can contribute to the 9x0RR project please send email to:

We still need the following parts:

Brake Discs

Another Wheel Set

Carbon Bash Plate

Custom Fabricated Front Tanks - Biggest expense/biggest improvement to the handling of the LC8

Spare Engine Rebuild

9x0RR Build History